Lake Erie Wine with Distinction ™

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Red Raspberry

Made from 100% raspberries. Perfect complement to cheesecake, chocolate desserts, or serve as a spritzer with crushed ice. Best enjoyed with a favorite dessert or cheese. Serve chilled. (375 ml bottle).
Sweet Scale: 4

Forté Venango (Red Port)

Named for the nearby 1760 British Fort. Aromas and flavors are star anise, nutmeg, fig, orange, and chocolate. This dessert wine pairs with blue cheese, dark chocolate truffles, and pecan pie. (500 ml bottle).
Sweet Scale: 3

Forté Shenango (White Port)

Named for the Shenango River, which runs from Pymatuning Lake to the Ohio River. Aromas and flavors are apricot, peach, honey, and sherry. Great aperitif when chilled. Pairs well with Gouda cheese and chowder. (500 ml bottle).
Sweet Scale: 4+

Ice House Misty Bubbly

Is a semi-dry sparkling wine with citrus aroma and goes well with fish & chips, egg dishes, and with appetizers. Named for icehouses on south side of the lake during the 1890s-1930s. (750 ml bottle).
Sweet Scale: 2

Ice House Crackling Pink Bubbly

This sparkling wine is less effervescent than our white bubbly, semi-sweet, and has a grapy aroma. Crackling wine is known as frizzante (Italy), petillant (France), and spritzing (Germany). Named for icehouses on south side of the lake during the 1890s-1930s. (750 ml bottle).
Sweet Scale: 3

Crooked Creek

Distilled from Lake Erie grapes and cold filtered vodka. It has citrusy forward aromas and crisp taste with delicate tones of anisette and crème brulee on the palate. Crooked Creek drains the south end of Pymatuning Lake and runs by Hartstown and Greenville where it joins the Shenango River. Sweet Scale: 0

Cussewago Blanc

A white un-aged brandy similar to Peruvian-Chilean pisco and French eau de vie or Blanche Armagnac, except ours is distilled from regional grapes. This is the first legal distilled spirit produced in Northwestern PA since prohibition. Cussewagao, an Indian word meaning large black snake with big belly, is the name of a local creek. This refined spirit has aromas and flavors of citrusy kick of orange, peach, mint, and honeysuckle. Best consumed in a cocktail, especially with tonic water or a sour.
Sweet Scale: 0

Chat de Vie

This bittersweet red vermouth with over 20 ingredients, including wormwood. The bitter (amaro) initial taste disappears with aftertaste of black cherry, orange rinds, vanilla, cinnamon, and anise. Serve in Manhattans or over the rocks with orange slice as after dinner drink.
Sweet Scale: 3

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The Sweetness Scale listed after each wine ranges from 0 (Driest) to 4 (Sweetest.)